Uganda Visa: The simplest process to appeal for a visa

If you are planning to visit Uganda, also known as “Pearl of Africa”, then it is important for you to know that now appealing for a Uganda visa is no more needed to visit the nearest embassy of Uganda. It is possible because the government of Uganda began to provide electronic visas, thus it made things very easy for travelers.

The applying process of visa for Uganda is completely online, from the application form to the submission everything will be done online.

Uganda visa application form requirement

Prior to filling the visa application form, an applicant, you should ensure to meet all the needs and conditions.

Below mentioned is what is required at the time of applying for the visa.

  • Valid passport: Applicants should have their valid passports
  • Passport copy
  • A recent photo of an applicant
  • Yellow fever certificate

The above-mentioned requirements apply only if you visit Uganda for tourism purpose. You will also need a transit permit that shows the traveling reasons as well as the name of the country along with a flight return ticket.

What is the applying procedure for Uganda visa?

Once you are ready with all the necessary documents, now you can visit online like on Else Visa and can fill the visa Uganda application form. It will maximum takes 10-20 minutes, and in case you need an assistant to guide you to fill the application form, contact Else visa customer support.

How much will it cost to obtain a visa for Uganda?

The Uganda visas charges depend on the duration of your visit to the country. Visas costs can start from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $200.

Single entry visas cost range from $50. On the flip side, the cost of and east African permit range from $100. In case, you are making dual entries into the country, then the pricing of the visa starts from $100 - $200, it too depends on the visa duration and other similar factors.

Types of Uganda visas:

There are basically four main types of Uganda visa. These are Single tourist visa, multiple business visa, single tourist visa, multiple tourist visas.

Single entry Tourist Visas:

This visa type is appealed by those who wish to move to Uganda once. The validity of this visa type is maximum for 3 months. The charges for consular for a single entry tourist visa is $50.

Multiple entry tourist visa:

This visa type is appealed by those who want to visit Uganda for many times during the validity of the visa. The validity of this visa is maximum for 6 months. The charges for a consular fee for multiple entry tourist visa is $100.

Single business visa:

This visa type is for those who enter in Uganda for some business motives. This permits only one-time entry in the country during the validation of the visa. The charges for a consular for single business visa is $50.

Multiple business visa:

This visa type is for those who want to travel to Uganda for more than once during the validation of the visa. The charges for multiple entry business visas consular is $100.


You do not need a visa for Uganda if your citizenship of any below-mentioned countries:

Burundi, Angola, Kenya, Eritrea, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Swaziland. Other exempted are residents of the Bahamas, Fiji, Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, Malta, Grenada, Gambia, Antigua & Barbuda, Lesotho, Singapore Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, Italy, Tonga, Grenadines, Vanuatu, and Cyprus.

Everyone gets lazy when it comes to fill a visa Uganda visa application form and submit it to the embassy. You can easily obtain a visa for Uganda online, it not only saves time but also you will get your visa within 2 days. In the event that you are having any doubts or queries regarding the application form, contact Else Visa support service