How to get South African permanent residence for your foreign partner?

Don't feel unlucky if you fall in love with a foreigner who lives overseas from you. There are numbers of people who fall in love with people across borders and what best nation to settle with your loved one than South Africa.

There are seven different types of residencies in South Africa that an applicant can appeal for. These consist of a permanent residency south Africa, continuous work permit, business permit, critical skills permit, retirement visa, spousal permanent permit, and the last financial independent permit.

To settle in abroad with your life partner, you need to apply for a spousal visa. This visa type is basically valid for 3 years. This visa permits the person to join his/her partner in South Africa legally. Applying for the spousal visa south africa process is easier as compared to other visa types.

Documents required:

  • Residency proof in South Africa
  • Marriage certificate
  • Partner permanent residency south Africa
  • Medical certificate
  • Permanent/temporary residency form

Hiring an experienced immigration consultant can speed up and ease the procedure of your visa application work and soon you can get settled with your loved one in South Africa.