Comprehensive guide about South African visa Types

Most immigrant planning to migrate to South Africa will need to issue South African Permit/VIsa to live, study and work legislatively in South Africa. The Country renders a type of immigration permits and visas and electing the valid one is very important and wholly depends on what you aspire to do in the country.

What are the different types of South African Visas?

There are many sorts of South African visa, which are made for varied purposes.  Below we have mentioned some of the primary types of South African permits and visas.

1. South Africa Tourist Visa

A Tourist visa is a type of visa that allows it's holder to travel and abroad country for a fixed amount of time. This type of visa does not allow immigrants to study or work in the country.

2. South Africa Business Visa

A  business visa is for business people and entrepreneurs looking to conduct a new business and engage in business-related activities in South Africa.  This type of visa allows immigrants to attend a business conference in another country.

3. South African Work Visa

A work visa is for immigrants who acquire specific skills which are in high demand. The time period of this visa depends on the type of occupation which the immigrant will do, but not outreaching 5 years.

4. South Africa Medical Visa

A medical Visa is a type of South Africa visa which allows foreigners to stay in the country for a maximum of 6 months. To apply for this visa, it is essential to fill a BI- 1738 Form in order to define your medical condition which shows the cause why the medical treatment is important.

5. South Africa Study Visa

A Study Visa allows students to pursue academic studies in South Africa. This type of Visa allows immigrants to pursue all levels of education( School, college and university). This visa also permits students to stay in the country for a maximum of 4 months after accomplishing their studies.

6. South Africa Relatives Visa

A relative visa is a visa for family members/spouses of South African residents planning to migrate to South Africa with the purpose of applying for permanent residency. These type of Vias can be issued for a maximum of 2 years.

7. South Africa Exchange visa

Exchange visa is a type of visa for foreigners who are 25 and want to engage in economic, cultural, as well as social programs.  This form of visa is valid for the span of the activity and these visas cannot be extended or renewed.

8. South African Retired Persons’ Visa

South African citizen who wants to retire can apply for a retired Visa. for this, applicants need to meet the requirements need to complete a form BI- 1738 for their retirement in South Africa.

South African Visa Types also range from religious worker visas, journalist visas to Entertainer Visas that scholars teachers ad au pairs.

Note: It is very important to choose the right visa, and research the visa protocols for your selected country before you take off on your journey.