There are several categories in the South Africa Immigration Act that allow an individual to become the permanent resident of the company. Once a person is allowed the South African permanent residence, he would be entitled for all the rights, privileges and obligations that may be applicable to any residents in the country.  However, certain special rights that are meant for the citizen of the country like the right to vote, and the one to hold a South African passport may be withdrawn.

Permanent residence provides the rights to an immigrant to stay and reside in the country and carry out the activities in context to the categories for which the permanent residence has been issued. There are however many different aspects that still need to be know till their depths.  

South African Permanent Residence Rules

Permanent residence in South Africa is entitled to individuals considering the following considerations:

  • To the holder of work visa in South Africa, with context to this act for five continuous years and has satisfied the authorities for shaving received a permanent job offer in the country.
  • To a person who has been the spouse of the permanent resident for five years and has proved the existence of a good faith spousal relationship. This would also consider the fact that this permit shall lapse when this relationship no longer lasts due to obvious reasons.
  • To the child under the age 21 of a permanent resident. The permit shall lapse in case the permanent resident fails to notify to the authorities when the child turns 18.
  • To the child of a citizen.
  • To an individual who possesses critical skills visa south africa or qualification or a permanent job offer in South Africa.
  • An individual who intends to establish a business in South Africa.  
  • The one who qualifies to be a refugee as per the Refugees Act.
  • To the ones who are relatives of a permanent resident.
  • An individual who is financially independent.

When does a South African Permanent Residence Expires?

The lapsing or expiry of a South African permanent residence permit may occur due to following reasons:

  • When a permanent residence permit holder has been convicted of any serious criminal offenses with regards to the Immigration Act.
  • When a PR holder fails to comply with the specific rules and regulations mentioned in the permit.
  • If a permanent resident has been absent from the country for over 3 years.
  • When the permanent resident has not taken up residence in the country within one year of allowance of such permit.

South African Permanent Residency Benefits

Having a permanent residence permit allows you with several considerable benefits along with being freely able to conduct work, study or any other businesses in South Africa. Here are some of those:

  • Greater Flexibility: Being a permanent resident will let you conduct any activities including work, business and studies without having to apply for visa every time. You can easily switch jobs or invest in businesses you may want.
  • Greater Security: Permits for permanent residents do not need to be renewed. The uncertainties that may prevail with visas would therefore be eliminated.
  • Save money from visa applications: You no longer need to file visa applications. Thus you could save all those funds.
  • Permanent Residence for family members: along with you, your family members can also receive the permanent residence permit. The application for them could either be submitted with you or separately.

Once you have received confirmation of permanent residence South Africa, you may also collect your permanent residence certificate after a few days. Based on the above-mentioned guidelines, you may apply for your South African permanent residence.