Residing in South Africa: Know the residence visa conditions and requirements

Are you idealizing to shift to SA, this will usually require getting a suitable South African permit/Visa before thinking about traveling to SA.

There are different types of South Africa immigration visas, as per your visa type, foreigners have to offer different documents. Below outlines are the major South African permits/ visas.

What are the rules and regulations for applying for a SA Visa

After the amendment made on 26 May’ 14, immigrants are needed to provide an application and submit it to the nearest SA embassy of their country. An immigrant must appeal for the right residence visa as per their motive of moving to SA.

Immigration Act permits for varied categories under temporary residence permits/visas, including:

  • Transit visas traveling to a neighboring state/ country
  • Visitor visa valid maximum for 90 days
  • Visitor visa for things longer than 3 months however under three years
  • Treaty visas
  • Study visas
  • Visas for medical treatment
  • Business visas
  • Exchange visas
  • Work visas
  • Visa for Retired
  • Relative’s visas

Appealing for a temporary residence visa in South Africa

When applying for a residence visa, an applicant would be requested to offer the outlines below documents to submit along with the applicant to the nearest SA embassy.

  • A valid passport
  • A hard copy of temporary visas
  • Application processing fee
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Yellow fever certificate (only if an applicant is passing via yellow fever risk area)
  • PCC
  • All medical reports
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate ( if required)

South Africa Employment permits/ visas

There are different varieties of SA work permits/visas that might be issued by the applicants, depending on their situation and reason for visiting the country. Below are the types of work visas:

General work Visa:

General work visa is among the most used type of work visa, to get this visa, the employee and the employing organization must verify the following:

  • The employee must have the skills and qualifications needed for the job he/she’s hired for.
  • The job benefits and salary should not be lesser than the benefits and salary of employees working in similar posts
  • Contract of employment ( mutually signed)
  • Qualification proof ( Should be translated in any of the South African official languages)

Critical Skills employment Visa

Under south African critical skills list there are specific qualifications and skills which are considered as noteworthy by the government of South Africa. The skills listed includes around 35,000 skills over 53 varied categories.

Conditions of critical skills visa:

  • Academic authorized degree/certificates copies
  • Practical experience of minimum 5 years
  • Qualification certificate ( translated in one of the South African languages)
  • An applicant must be registered with any South African university

Check out the complete list of criteria to qualify Critical Skills employment Visa.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa:

If a worker in a multinational company got transported from one country to another, in such case, the employee can appeal for Intra-company visa, which too has some conditions:

  • The applicant must have employed for a maximum of 6 months in an organization’s foreign branch.
  • Intra-company transfer permit is valid for a period of 4 years. This visa type is not extendable and renewable.

Relative visa:

The close family members of a citizen in South Africa like mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and children can be eligible for the relative visa. This visa type to have certain conditions:

  • Any South African citizen must have enough finance to offer proper financial care
  • Birth certificate to prove kinship

Business visa:

Business investment is highly appreciated in South Africa, whether starting a new start-up or investing more in an old one.

You are asked to show:

  • Chartered accountant signed certificate of minimum ZAR 5.0 amount in your bank account.
  • Trade and Industry Department recommendation about the business contribution as well as feasibility in the favor of South African national interest.
  • If you commence your business in South Africa, you have to hire a maximum of 60 % of the South African residents.

Visa for retired persons:

This visa type is usually for people who want a retirement in SA.

In order to be eligible for retired persons permit an applicant must be asked to prove that:

  • The person is earning minimum ZAR 37,000 monthly through passbook, cheques or any means.

Corporate visa:

A South African corporate permit isn’t valid for a worker, however to the hiring company. It offers a simple procedure for an organization based in the country to hire foreigners and get employment visas.

Study visas

Once a student gets approved into an authorized educational institution in South Africa, you will become eligible for a study visa.

For Students visa applicants are asked to show:

  • Annual medical certificate proof for the span of the expected study period.
  • This requirement could be skipped if the scholar is the South African permanent resident.

Other visas:

There are several Other visas comprise exchange visas or volunteer visas, medical treatment visas, financially independent permit in order to prove that they have a stable financial condition in South Africa.

Permanent residence Visas:

This types of South African visa is issued to expats who have lawfully lived in SA on the basis of an employment permit for a period of 5 years, as well as prolonged to life partners and permanent residence visa holders.

South African Permanent residency Visas are also eligible on various grounds:

  • If the applicant has permanent work in SA
  • If the applicant holds unique qualifications and skills
  • If the applicant entitled as retired persons
  • If the applicant is financially stable

So, if next time you visit South Africa, make sure you to have eye-catching attention to these guidelines. And while you hit this beautiful place again, Ensure you won't commit any idiotic mistake that may result in your visa rejection or late arrival.