Visa Overstay South Africa – How will you pay?


It's been a year since the Revised Immigration Act and Regulations have been enacted and we still see people routinely pursuing their visas in South Africa. In South Africa, another common reason for the Visa expiry is, that a bunch of foreigners still have a false impression that the applicants will be equipped to pay a penalty on departure.

Overstay Act of South Africa

Prior to amendment, Section 50 (1) of the Act came to a conclusion that a person leaving South Africa following the expiry of visa will be answerable for a penalty, which should not be not surpassing R3000.00.

Many foreign travelers had a look at this option pretty conveniently and a cost-effective alternative to the hassle involved in the submission of extension application at the DHA or Home Affairs Department. 

It appears that a casual way has been promoted to the violation of overstaying someone's visa and today, still you will see the remaining repercussions of such practices.

What happens after the expiry of the South African visa

The aforementioned fine, though, diminishes as compared to the strict penalties being applied currently. As per the amended Act, in most cases, you'll be banned for five years in South Africa, as a result of the visa overstate. Immigrants who have become used to the prior practice are intelligently being amazed by this change in law and they are feeling relaxed and there's a state of kindness with this good change in DHA when there is a possibility of getting back to South Africa.

Exceeded the limit of stay in South Africa? Here's the solution! 

If in any case, you overstay your South African visa, it’s recommended to take the help of services given by adverts so as to how to apply for the overstay appeal. 

If your appeal gets successfully done, you’ll be satisfied to apply for the visa renewal and get back to South Africa. In case you need any help, don’t feel shy to contact the necessary offices.

Overstay in South Africa 2018

Overstaying South African visa simply mean you will become illegal in the country.

Now, New rules and regulations have been imposed for South African immigrants with heavy fines who are found guilty. It results in becoming a prohibited individual and unable to immigrate to South Africa:

  • If you overstay your visa, having a duration between 1-30 days, then the expired visa holder will be considered prohibited for the maximum span for around 2 years.
  • If you overstay your visa, by the interval of between 30-90 days, you will fall under the category of prohibited immigrant for the maximum span for around 3 years.
  • If you overstay your visa, for more than 90 days, then you will fall under the category of a prohibited immigrant for the maximum span for around 3 years.


Particularly swallows or frequent immigrants should be in search of exploring a long-term resident condition including financial independent and retired permit, or suitable relatives permit.

Overstay Fee in South Africa

Any international traveler, who is leaving South Africa after the expiry of his/her visa, will be responsible for the penalty ranging from Rs 2,500.00 to R3,000.00 to the Ministry of Home Affairs when an immigration officer has noticed that your visa has expired its validity.

Neglecting a penalty will result as a problem maker for you in the future as immigration officer will not allow you to enter South Africa or your visa will be rejected by the South African Embassy.

Where can you pay the fine?

If you have been fined, you can pay it at the time of your departure or at Embassy in your country of origin. Once you have paid the fine, then only you will be allowed to enter South Africa and always keep your receipt with you as in case the immigration officer request you to show it.

Documents Needed For The Overstay Fine

1. Original Passport

2. Original fine notice

3. The exact fine amount quoted on fine

Overstay Appeals

Individuals who have been declared as undesirable persons in the context of section 30 (1)(h), read with the 50(1) of the Immigration Act, no 13 of 2002 as amended (no. 13 of 2011) must submit the written representative as mentioned below:

The following documents are required mandatorily

  • A written representation
  • A declaration copy of undesirability (Form 19), which was issued at the Port Of Entry
  • Copy of appropriate pages of passport including a bio page
  • Acceptance of receipt (in cases where the applicant has applied for a permit and the status of the application is still pending)
  • If the reason for the applicant’s overstay is his/her medical condition, then a medical certificate should be presented.

Who Is A Prohibited Person?

A prohibited person may not want a more detailed clarification than to say that you aren't desirous in South African country. If you're stated as undesirable or the prohibited, it's, of course, a major concern. In such a case, you might be banned in the country for the duration of 1 to 5 years.

When A Person is Declared Prohibited or Undesirable?

An expiry date is applicable on every visa or permit. Where the visa holder or permit lasts longer than the visa expired in South Africa date allows them to reside in the country; this means they have gone against the clause of permit or visa. This is that clause which forces immigrant to leave the country before your visa expiry date.

When an immigrant tries and leaves South Africa, in most cases, it is declared undesirable. Leaving the place means the checking of your visa and passport and it will highlight that you are living in the country with no valid visa.