Immigrants who wish to reside in South Africa will need a South Africa permit and visa to live, stay or work legally in the country. The country offers a wide variety of immigration permits and visas and selecting the right one is very important and depends on your purpose of visiting the country.

To apply for a visa you will require different types of documents depending on the visa type you are appealing for.

Reasons people can apply for South Africa visas:

  • Visits to friends or relatives, or for business/travel purposes
  • Spouse visa in South Africa if a partner to join their spouse who resides in South Africa on a study or work permit
  • Children to stay with parents who live in South Africa
  • Fiance to join their fiance with the purpose of tying know under 90 days.
  • Study purposes
  • Voluntary or charitable activities
  • Conferences
  • research
  • to work in the entertainment industry
  • Medical purposes

The first and foremost step is to choose the right type of South African visas. Choosing the right visa for your purpose can be done easily by taking consultants service. for instance: If you want to go to South Africa to attend some business conference then you may apply for Work visas.

Know in detail about the types of South Africa visas:

  • Critical skills work visa, South Africa

  • Visit Visa
  • Relatives’ Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Exchange Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Retired Persons’
  • sports events visa for South Africa

There is one more visa type in which If an applicant wants to enter in South Africa to take participate in any sports events than, he/she first have to apply for a sports events visa for South Africa. prepare all the documents to apply for this visa type.

The approval rate of South Africa Visa usually depends on various factors. It sometimes depends on the nation you are appealing visa for and what documentation proof you have. And sometimes silly reasons can get you delayed on your visa application.

So, we have discussed those silly mistakes that you should avoid to avoid visa refusals/rejections.

Taking visa rules lightly:

Visa rules are meant to be followed. they are too strict and if you avoid following any of the rules, you might get your visa ejected at the end moment. So, follow the rules as it is to get your visa approved.

Showing false documents

There are some people who try to show false documents in order to misrepresent their identity. Do not use fake documents, as by doing this you are inviting problems for you and your journey.

Damaged passport

The damaged passport could be the reason for your visa rejection. If your passport is not in good condition like having missing pages then it is advisable to change your passport as soon as possible.

Criminal record:

If you have a criminal record then the chances of visa refusal are high. So make sure you do not have any criminal record while applying for a South Africa visa.

These mistakes can get your critical skills permanent residence permit or any other visa denied.

Some handful Tips for your South Africa visa application:

If you find any difficulty while filling the South Africa visa application form. Simply contact the visa consultants to fill the form correctly. As blank space and incomplete information can also delay your visa approval.