South Africa critical skill visa duration maximum 5 years to stay and do job in the country. The visa only given to the people who have specific skill sets which match with the list of South African government skills. Some critical skills are majorly required in South Africa for the economic and overall growth of the country. The South African government encourage people who have some specific skill sets to work and stay in country and make contribution for country growth. In this write-up, we discuss about the point should be taken care before applying South Africa critical skills visa from India:

Incomplete visa application directly rejected. Take care in mind, fill the application form appropriately:

  • It is strongly recommend that people have to pay attention to the overview the application and documents needed and processing time sections of your select visa category, before scheduled with your application.
  • One thing, you need to understand that all decisions concerning the issuance and duration of a visa is solely handle by the embassy, and it isn't always assured that you get visa! Some time, you receive objection. In the case of rejection, you need to take help of immigration consultant.
  • You must be aware about the visa processing time as per chosen category of visa. Please additionally word that everyone processing times are minimum as stated, and in some cases may also take longer.
  • Visa/ Logistic always submitted only in cash
  • Document issued in a local language must be formally translated to English.

The main goal of the critical skills work visa is to support the government to understand the needs of country growth and great contribution for country development. You just need to take care of visa application formality and fulfil appropriately and you can also take help of Else Visa.